Innovation Discussions: Supply Chain

Supply Chain Solutions

Enjoy our dialog with Les Brand of Supply Chain Solutions as we dive into the current state of the supply chain to gain clarity and think progressively about what lays ahead. 

Innovation Discussions: The Influence of EVs

Vblog IHS-GRL SEP 2021 (1)-1

Enjoy our dialog with Mike Wall of IHS Markit. Mike shares tremendous insights as we discuss the continued influence of the EV marketplace on the automotive supply chain and how that influence is a bellwether for manufacturing as an industry. 

Innovation Discussions: Environmental Circularity


Enjoy and learn from our conversation with Ted Hanson of Convergen Energy as we discuss critical environmental topics like the concept of circularity, the value of waste to energy efforts and the importance of thinking big when it comes to carbon footprint reduction. 

Innovation Discussions: Industrial Durable Labels

Vblog Avery-GRL Feb 2021

Watch our discussion with Kevin Gofron of Avery Dennison as we discuss what is ahead for label categories like automotive, powersports, and appliance.  We discuss how important partnerships are throughout the supply chain and provide a window into the kinds of forward-looking conversations you should be having to ensure success.